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Fierce, Fabulous, and Fluid

Spotlights the work of trans youth in creating inclusive spaces within high schools

Based on a year-long ethnographic study conducted in a Canadian high school, Fierce, Fabulous, and Fluid presents a poignant ...

Prison Born

A scathing critique of the colonial legal system’s denial of children’s rights

One afternoon in 2016, law professor Robin Hansen receives a call. On the other end of the line is “Jacquie”—a pregnant ...

Métis Matriarchs

Explores the integral roles that Métis women assumed to ensure the survival of their communities during the fur trade era and onward

Métis Matriarchs examines the impact of prominent Métis women from ...

The Salmon Shanties

Harold Rhenisch’s poems balance the settler and Indigenous experiences of land and water in the Pacific Northwest

A collection of shanties laid out in couplets that move between English and Chinook Wawa, ...

Nakón-wico’i’e né uspénic’iciyac / Practising Nakoda

A user-friendly guide that teaches core Nakoda vocabulary and how to use it in conversation

Practising Nakoda contains basic Nakoda vocabulary, organized into 30 themes (such as animals, clothing, directions, ...


A guide from bestselling author Alice Kuipers on how to write for children and young adultsfrom igniting an initial idea to creating a finished draft

In Spark, acclaimed children’s and YA author Alice ...

An Open-Ended Run

A collection of memories chronicling love, grief, and a life lived on and off stage

Raised on a farm and educated in a prairie Bible school, Layne Coleman escapes the confines of his stiflingly religious ...


Uncut explores the significance of the foreskin in contemporary culture

The “uncut” penis is viewed by some as attractive or erotic, and by others as ugly or undesirable. Secular parents of male infants ...

In the Light of Dawn

Illuminating two hundred years of lost Black History through the lens of an iconic abolitionist settlement

In the Light of Dawn shares the compelling story of how the iconic Dawn Settlement—now largely ...

Homegrown Radicals

An unflinching examination of the state violence that created and indelibly tied together the fates of homegrown radical and moderate Muslims in the post-9/11 era

In the shadow of 9/11, Canada saw the ...