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Trust the Bluer Skies

Award-winning author paulo da costa meditates on fatherhood, place, and memory during a trip to his childhood home in Vale de Cambra, Portugal.
During an extended stay in his childhood home in Portugal, ...


An exposé of the reality of Saskatchewan’s potash industry management—prioritizing private profit over public interest
A single province in Canada—Saskatchewan—is blessed with a remarkable ...

Isúh Áníi / As Grandmother Said

The first book published in Tsuut’ina—a critically endangered language—in over a century

With fewer than 20 speakers, Tsuut’ina is a critically endangered language. Isúh Áníi / As Grandmother ...

The Medicine Chest

An examination of the barriers facing Indigenous people within the healthcare system from the perspective of an empathetic settler physician
After leaving her medical practice in Pennsylvania in 2011, ...

Into the Continent

Emily McGiffin’s poems examine imperial violence and colonialism in South Africa and Canada.

Multifaceted and multi-voiced, Emily McGiffin’s poems explore the ongoing violence, destruction, and loss ...

The Good Walk

By Matthew R Anderson

A motley group’s long trek across the prairies, witnessing the land, reflecting on the past, and creating new paths for the future
The Good Walk is a memoir, travelogue, and manifesto, recounting ...

Going to Seed

By Kate Neville

Winner of the 2023 Sowell Emerging Writers Prize
An abandoned place, a disheveled person, a shabby or deteriorating state: we describe such ruin colloquially as “going to seed.” But gardeners will ...

Restoring Relations Through Stories

By Renae Watchman
Foreword by Luci Tapahonso

Restoring Relations Through Stories introduces, synthesizes, and analyzes traditional stories by Diné and Dene storytellers in orature and film. The book conceptualizes narrative autonomy as hane’tonomy ...

Fierce, Fabulous, and Fluid

Spotlights the work of trans youth in creating inclusive spaces within high schools

Fierce, Fabulous, and Fluid presents a poignant critique of educational policies aimed at supporting trans and gender-nonconforming ...

Prison Born

A scathing critique of the colonial legal system’s denial of children’s rights

One afternoon in 2016, lawyer Robin Hansen receives a call. On the other end of the line is “Jacquie”—a pregnant ...