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An Open-Ended Run

A collection of memories chronicling love, grief, and a life lived on and off stage

Raised on a farm and educated in a prairie Bible school, Layne Coleman escapes the confines of his stiflingly religious ...

Performing Turtle Island

“A valuable and timely collection. ” —Alan D. Filewod, author of Committing Theatre
Following the Final Report on Truth and Reconciliation, Performing Turtle Island investigates theatre as ...

Art of Immersive Soundscapes

What is an immersive soundscape? It can be as simple as a recording made in a forest: leaves crunching underfoot, birds chirping, a squirrel chattering. Or it can be as complex as a movie soundtrack, ...


Sighting/Citing/Siting is a broad contextualization of an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural performance entitled Crossfiring/Mama Wetotan. Produced by Knowhere Productions Inc. at the Claybank Brick ...