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Manuscript Checklist

The following checklist will be handy as you prepare your materials for submission.

Text Hard Copy

  • Please mail a double-spaced and page-numbered printed copy of the text.

Text digital files

  • Include only the most recent version of each file. Erase any outdated or extraneous files.
  • Name chapter files by number.
  • If your text contains unusual characters such as non-roman or mathematical symbols, provide a complete list plus fonts.

Include all parts of your manuscript. The parts of a complete manuscript are:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents page
  • Any front matter to be included, such as a preface, introduction, acknowledgments, dedication, and/or list of abbreviations
  • The complete main body of the text (including all chapters)
  • Any back matter to be included, such as appendices, a glossary, and/or a list of illustrations credits
  • Bibliography or reference list (consult documentation guidelines)
  • Captions list for illustrative material

Inventory of files

  • Please provide a separate list of files included with your text.


  • If you intend to include maps, please indicate how many, and of what sort.
  • Please consult your Acquisitions Editor before creating any maps yourself.
  • If you are commissioning the press to produce maps, provide a rough template and a label list for each one.


  • Please consult your Acquisitions Editor about how many images to provide.
  • Consult press artwork guidelines to provide prints or scans of an acceptable quality.
  • Provide a complete photocopy set of all illustrative material.
  • Provide a list of all photographs submitted, indicating which ones are the most essential and which ones you consider optional.


  • Please provide a file containing a caption for each image, plus credit information (source and acknowledgement).


  • Please provide each figure (graph, diagram) in a separate file, labelled and with a corresponding hard copy.


  • Provide each table in a separate file, labelled and with a corresponding hard copy.

Text and image permission

  • Consult the press permission guidelines.
  • Provide a complete file of permissions correspondence and indicate if any are outstanding.

Next Steps:

Permissions Guidelines