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The Exquisite Corpse

The Exquisite Corpse welcomes scholarly monographs and edited collections that attend to all aspects of the human body from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. Like the Surrealist’s parlour game for which it is named, the series ultimately seeks to present the body in all of its unruly and corporeal glory.

Series Editor: Jonathan A. Allan, Canada Research Chair in Queer Theory, Associate Professor in Gender and Women’s Studies & English and Creative Writing, Brandon University

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Virgin Envy

Virgin Envy sets out to re-conceive the ways that we describe and relate to virginity as a cultural construct. Who is a virgin? How do we lose our virginities? What if we regret our "first time"?

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Reading from Behind

Since we all have one, why do people squirm when the anus is mentioned? In a playful, yet scholarly exploration of everything from porn to poetry, Jonathan Allan tackles this question and more.