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Publishing established and emerging scholars and writers, Digestions considers the history and culture of food, and the politics of what we eat from both Canadian and global perspectives.

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Bread & Water

Awarded Gold at the 2022 Taste Canada Award.
The lyricism of Bread & Water interweaves culinary insights and literary essays to pose fundamental questions about how we live––and how we feed––the ...

Uncertain Harvest

A menu for an edible future.
In a world expected to reach a staggering population of 10 billion by 2050, and with global temperatures rising fast, humanity must fundamentally change the way it grows ...

Arab Cooking on a Prairie Homestead

In the 1920s, Habeeb Salloum's parents left behind the orchards and vineyards of French-occupied Syria to seek a new life on the windswept, drought-stricken Canadian prairies. With recollections that ...

Speaking in Cod Tongues

By Lenore Newman
Canadian Series Digestions

 "What is Canadian cuisine? Lenore Newman distils much of the current thinking into the erudite and elegantly readable Speaking in Cod Tongues. Her odyssey across the country provides a wealth of culinary ...