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Cloud Physics

Cloud Physics

Paperback : 9780889774612, 64 pages, April 2017

Table of contents

Cloud Physics
The Planets Are Moving In
Dissolving Syllables
We Woke  to a New Century

Ad Libitum
Lath and Plaster
Empty Nest
To Get a Word In
A Son's Story
Scarlet Tanager
Beatitude for the Rainy Season
Notice on the Door
Three Poems of Drought
   - Old Sunflowers
   - Wildfires Burn on the Mainland
   - Homeland

Vermeer Effect
Loaves and Fishes
Piano Practice
Yellow Blooms
White Flag
East Sooke
Pileated Woodpeckers
Lekwungen Horizon
People of the Suburbs, Sleep

Twelve Months

Slow Time
Distinctions of Mist
Its Own Beauty




In her third collection of poetry, Karen Enns ranges over endings of many kinds: cultural, ecological, and personal. But the poems are also replete with affirmations of love, of music and language, and of our rootedness in place and history. Enns describes our predicament with startling and surreal precision, yet also with tenderness and compassion. Her work is unusually wise in the ways of innocence as well as grief.

"The poems in Cloud Physics need to be listened to as much as read. These are poems informed by music as well as by language. Bells, wind chimes, waves, whispers, medieval chants and orbital winds are part of an untethered longing. There is a sense, in this book, of something loosed--of a fine mind taking in the world and giving back to us something we didn't know we knew. " - Eve Joseph, author of In the Slender Margin


“Personal and remote, cool and exacting, mysteriously exciting, like a top skier these poems cut their own tracks. ” Gary Snyder, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Turtle Island