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Forty-One Pages - On Poetry, Language, and Wilderness

Forty-One Pages

On Poetry, Language, and Wilderness

Paperback : 9780889775879, 136 pages, March 2019


In this series of elegant and wide-ranging meditations on language, wilderness, poetry, and technocracy, John Steffler takes us on a guided tour of one poet’s mental workshop. His focus is vividly personal, shaped by his interests and experience, and at the same time universal. What is it to be human? Steffler is not afraid to be provocative, but he is also compassionately alert to moral, political, and cultural complexity. This is a book that will convince you that poetry can indeed make a great deal happen.              


"[This book] hearkens to a tradition of nature writing that includes Bashō and Thoreau, among many others." —The Fiddlehead
Praise for previous work:
"One of our finest lyric poets." —Ken Babstock
"John Steffler is Canada's most sensuously passionate writer. Reading him, we are put in touch with the pure erotic draw which the world exercises on him. The acuity of his perception, and the size of his heart, make his poems an essential part of our literature." —Don McKay
"Steffler's persona is a diviner, seeking out the ancient energies of the natural world, the atavistic source." —Mary Dalton