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Paperback : 9780889779303, 80 pages, March 2023
Expected to ship: 2023-03-18


In all these poems
I’m partly somewhere else.
With you, without you,
walking toward you or away,
but you are there, your small face
watching from the shadow of a doorway
or a set of stairs, from behind a curtain or a table.
Sometimes I see you at the piano.
You stop playing, turn to me,
and in that pause,
tell me something necessary.
Poet Karen Enns takes the reader on a lyrical journey, wrapped in the vicissitudes of seasons and weatherwhile observing human and other-than-human lives. Enns invites us to peer and is concerned always with the locations and dislocations perspective implies and creates.


“The world Karen Enns gives us is larger than we know, revealing a spaciousness we imagined gone. Hers is a resonant, fearless voice.” —Anne Simpson

Praise for Cloud Physics:
“Personal and remote, cool and exacting, mysteriously exciting, like a top skier these poems cut their own tracks.” —Gary Snyder
“There is a sense, in this book, of something loosed—of a fine mind taking in the world and giving back to us something we didn’t know we knew.” —Eve Joseph