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Idle No More bewildered many Canadians. Launched by four women in Saskatchewan in reaction to a federal omnibus budget bill, the protest became the most powerful demonstration of Aboriginal identity in ...

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By Press Staff November 21, 2022

In My Own Moccasins

An unflinching memoir of addiction, intergenerational trauma, and the wounds of sexual assault from a resilient, emerging Indigenous voice.

Helen Knott, a highly accomplished Indigenous woman, seems to ...


Lady is from Columbus, Ohio, and proud to be a working-class woman. She worked with ARA in the 1990s and 2000s, and was a member of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists from 2001 until it ...

Opimotewina wina kapagamawat Witigowa / Journeys of The One to Strike the Wetigo

A first-hand account of a Swampy Cree boy’s experiences growing up in the Saskatchewan River Delta, one of the world’s largest inland deltas and one of North America’s most important ecosystems. ...

nehiyawetan kikinahk? / Speaking Cree in the Home

A hands-on guide for parents and caregivers to develop best practices in revitalizing and teaching Cree to young children.
In nēhiyawētān kīkināhk /Speaking Cree in the Home, Belinda Daniels ...

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By Press Staff January 03, 2023

Traditional Narratives of the Rock Cree Indians

First published in 1980 by the Canadian Museum of Civilization, this study presents narratives from different genres of Rock Cree oral literature in northwestern Manitoba together with interpretive and ...

Genocidal Love

“Fox tears beauty from the jaws of genocide, daring to claim love beyond settler imaginings—love that nurtures decolonial futures and makes possible a more just world.”—Sam McKegney, author of ...

Passion for Action in Child and Family Services

Passion for Action in Child and Family Services: Voices from the Prairies offers a fresh perspective on contemporary issues in child and family services in Canada. These authors passionately share their ...