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Wrack Line

Wrack Line

Paperback : 9780889779532, 80 pages, September 2023


The powerful debut from author and poet M.W. Jaeggle.

Like the coastal zone where high tides deposit organic materials and other debris, M.W. Jaeggle’s Wrack Line traces loss, guilt, and subsequent loneliness, while exploring regenerative possibilities of language, memory, and land, taking readers on a journey that will leave them like “A black horse...winded at the gate” of some new grace.


“Forceful reflection.”  —Literary Review of Canada

"Jaeggle uses the wrack line—the area of seashore where organic material and other debris is deposited at high tide—brilliantly as a metaphor for poetry, not only as a palimpsest record of one's life, the gathered detritus in lines, but also the grey spaces between the breaking of waves." —BC Review

"An assured debut that augurs well for future volumes." —The Miramichi Reader

"There are some stunning moments and movements across Jaeggle’s Wrack Line; I am very curious to see where he might go next.” —Rob McLennan

“Jaeggle’s precise, tender, often surprising evocations of the natural world allow me to feel his earth as something seen, renewed and renewable. The joys of perceiving and making words work carry me with the lightest touch toward pleasure and human connection, where awareness trumps sorrow and angst. The details and images, warm and charming, contribute much to the book’s wisdom.” —David Zieroth, author of watching for life

"From memory, from brushstroke, from tidal aftermath, M.W. Jaeggle’s poems contain profound resonances." —Laurie D. Graham, author of Fast Commut