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Bevann Fox

Bevann Fox is a member of Pasqua First Nation and lives in Regina. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Regina, where she is currently in a graduate program. A recipient of the YWCA ...

Genocidal Love

Genocidal Love delves into the long-term effects of childhood trauma on those who attended residential school and demonstrates the power of story to help in recovery and healing. Presenting herself as ...

A Book of Ecological Virtues

Edited by Heesoon Bai, David Chang, and Charles Scott

Despite our brief tenure on planet Earth, Homo sapiens have reached an epoch—the Anthropocene—that is characterised by our species’ uncanny ability to spoil our own nest. In the face of this somber ...


Imagine what the world would be like without concrete: there’d be no high-rises, no grand irrigation projects, no lettuce from southern climes in the winter, no multi-lane highways crisscrossing continents, ...