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Organized Violence - Capitalist Warfare in Latin America

Organized Violence

Capitalist Warfare in Latin America

Paperback : 9780889776104, 288 pages, May 2019


Official stories from media centers in New York and Mexico City say that most violence in Latin America is a product of the drug trade. Organized Violence exposes how that narrative serves corporate and state interests and de-politicizes situations that have more to do with coal, oil, or rare wood extraction than with cocaine. Global capital and violence reinforce conditions that fortify the current economic order, and whether it be the military, police, or death squads that pull the trigger, economic expansion benefits from the violent elimination of the opposition, who are most often dispossessed Indigenous people. 


“It is at once a rigorous indictment of ruthless accumulation and a testimony to the bravery of those who stand, against the odds, in righteous opposition.” —Jeffery R. Webber, author of The Last Day of Oppression and the First Day of the Same: The Politics and Economics of the New Latin American Left