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Torn from Our Midst - Voices of Grief, Healing, and Action from the Missing Indigenous Women Conference, 2008

Torn from Our Midst

Voices of Grief, Healing, and Action from the Missing Indigenous Women Conference, 2008

Paperback : 9780889772236, 288 pages, July 2010

Table of contents


A Blessing
Elder Betty McKenna

The Journey from Awareness to a Conference to a Book...and Beyond
A. Brenda Anderson
Brittany Matthews
Women Missing, Missing Women
Pastor Cheryl Toth
The Significance of Sacred Space: Reflections upon Conversations with Elder Norma-Jean Byrd and Pastor Cheryl Toth
Chelsea Millman

Family Stories
The Story of the Disappearance of Sylvia Arce
Eva Arce
The Story of the Disappearance of Maria Sagrario Flores
Paula Flores
Sisters in Spirit
The Story of the Disappearance of Daleen Kay Bosse (Muskego)
Pauline and Herb Muskego
Wicanhpi Duta Win/Red Star Woman: Amber Redman’s Story
Gwenda Yuzicappi

The Violent Erasure of Women
A Message from Amnesty International
Gordon Barnes
Political Realities: The Effect of Globalization on Indigenous Women
Kim Erno
From Genocide to Femicide:
An Ongoing History of Terror, Hate, and Apathy
Leonzo Barreno
The Construction of Aboriginal Identity: A Healing Journey
Carrie Bourassa
Missing Out and Missing: Connecting the Economic and Political Marginalization of Women to the Phenomenon of Disappearance
Ian Peach and Kiera Ladner
Presentation of the Provincial Partnership Committee on Missing Persons
Betty Ann Pottruff

Resisting With All the Senses: Art and Activism
Missing and Taken
Elizabeth Matheson
Bison Sentinels: A Living Memorial to Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women
Adrian Stimson
Patching Our Stories Together: The Conference Quilt
Jessica Greyeyes
Missing Women Art Exhibit
Charlotte Hauk
She is Not Forgotten: The Healing Walk
Alexis J. Johnson
Carrying the Messages from the Missing Women
Senator Lillian Dyck

Organizational Resistance: Action From Within
Media: A Canadian Response
Carol Schick
“She was not into drugs and partying. She was a wife and mother”: Media Representations and (Re)presentations of Daleen Kay Bosse (Muskego)
Holly A. McKenzie
Reflections of a Northern Saskatchewan Journalist
Darla Read
Inheriting What Lives On: The “Terrible Gift” of Sarah de Vries’s Poetry
Amber Dean
Women of Juárez
Lourdes Portillo
Perspectives from the Regina Police Service
Michelle Solomon
An Academic Role in Activism
Cynthia Bejarano
The Sisters in Spirit Initiative: Native Women’s Association of Canada
Judy Hughes

Self-Care and the Healing Journey
RESOLVE to End Violence in Our Society
Mary Hampton, Wendee Kubik, Darlene Juschka, Carrie Bourassa, and Meghan Woods
Two- Fold Participation: Dialogue with Self...Heartbeat of Mother Earth...
Lori Campbell
Kamamakos: The Woman Who Wouldn’t Fly Away
Chelsea Millman
Activism as Healing: People Before Profit
Ernesta Vileitaite-Wright

Networking and Strategizing
Common Themes from Conference Participants
Wendee Kubik

Appendix A:
Conference Handout: Summary of Provincial Partnership Committee on Missing Persons

Appendix B:
Bibliography of Useful Resource


The anger, grief, courage, compassion, and hope we hear in these voices inspire and compel us--to remember those who are missing and to work for healing and justice.

-Since 1980, more than 520 Aboriginal women have been reported missing or murdered in Canada.
-From 1993-2003, 370 women were murdered in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico.
-Since 2001, more than 2,000 Guatemalan women and girls have been brutally murdered.

Responding to the profound tragedy inherent in these statistics, more than 300 women and men gathered in August 2008 at a conference entitled "Missing Women: Decolonization, Third Wave Feminisms, and Indigenous People of Canada and Mexico". Here, personal stories and theoretical tools were brought together, as academics, activists, family members of missing and murdered women, police media, policy-makers, justice workers, and members of faith communities offered their perspectives on the issue of racialized, sexualized violence.

Torn from Our Midst includes images and voices from the conference, together with additional reflections, both academic and personal, on the effects of violence and the possibilities for healing. The purpose of this volume is to raise awareness about missing and murdered women and to challenge communities to be courageous enough to look at the heart of this issue, to recognize the systems that allow such atrocities, and to seek justice and healing for all.

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