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Dead Ends - B.C. Crime Stories

Dead Ends

B.C. Crime Stories

Paperback : 9780889773486, 240 pages, September 2014

Table of contents


Milkshade Murderer
Crazy Eddie
The Indian Problem
The Big Con
Women We Killed
Officers Down
Hockey on Trial
Sex On-Camera
Gentleman Outlaw
Waiting Demons
Those McLean Boys
Murder at Sea
The Boogeyman
Deadly Massacre
The Rockefeller Con
The Beast
Whose Body is This?
Smugglers and Death
Stealing the World
Hockey Night
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday
Go Home!
Suburban Terrorists
Bomb on a Train
Escape to the Wild
Terror in the Sky
Gangland Eden
The Fallen Bishop
Saving the Children
Vigilante Injustice
Welcome to Canada
Juror Loves Gangster
The Good Boy Killers
Martyr or Myth?
Cold Case
Last Man Hanged

About the Author


Forty crimes. Forty crimes of betrayal, greed, and desperation. Forty crimes that shed light on our shared past, and our lives today. Award-winning writer Paul Willcocks takes a sharp, fresh look at legendary crimes and criminals and the way they reflect our history.

Murderers and scam artists. Masterminds and bunglers. The infamous and the forgotten. Dead Ends looks at them all. Leo Mantha, the last man hanged in B. C. Wong Foon Sing, the Chinese houseboy kidnapped and tortured by police. Pickton and the Pattison kidnappers. Olson and the McLean Boys.

Our crimes define us. Dead Ends shows us how.


"Shocking, appalling--and true. " -BC Bookworld