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Michael Trussler Reads from The History Forest

Michael Trussler Reads from The History Forest

By Press Staff Date: September 26, 2022

Join us for a poetry break – courtesy of a reading by Michael Trussler, from his 2022 collection The History Forest.






for Lucy, our first mother


There’s almost always two of them:

mother and (or mother with)

her child up against


a tilting shoulder, a breast

about to tire

and four

separate hands, each gathering

its own task, each finger an annunciation

of trust. Care. And this particular pair, an almost


young Australopithecus looking faraway down

into the distance yet beneath and between us, her


offspring, a toddler mesmerized by something

looming behind what’s already here,

this ancestral pair—the colour

of sun tape over shadow—

its factory-made plastic, is


from the gasoline haze

above the playground in

the toy city, an unforeseen cosmopolis done in

by polymers, some in the neonatal

intensive care unit, and others inside

our luminous and ever-improving toothpaste. River

run, an infinite



A vivid, sensory collection of poems from an award-winning author.
Poet Michael Trussler grapples with the intricate beauty of the natural world and the imminent danger of its destruction in The History Forest.

By exploring what it means to be alive in this increasingly contradictory and frightening era in human history, Trussler’s vivid, sensory, and surreal poems dwell on the myriad ways that wonder can exist alongside suffering. He ruminates on nuclear war, school shootings, and ecological destruction, along with his own experiences with mental health, aging, and loss.


Michael Trussler writes poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction - his work often engages with the beauty and violence of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Based in Regina, Trussler’s previous works include The Sunday BookEncounters (Sask Book of the Year, City of Regina Award), and Accidental Animals.