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The History Forest

The History Forest

Paperback : 9780889778948, 88 pages, September 2022


  • Short-listed, City of Regina Book Award 2023
  • Winner, Poetry Award, Saskatchewan Book Award 2023


A vivid, sensory collection of poems from an award-winning author.
Exploring what it means to be alive in this increasingly contradictory, unjust, and frightening era in human history, award-winning poet Michael Trussler grapples with the beauty and violence of the present in his new collection, The History Forest.

Trussler’s vivid, sensory, surreal writing explores the myriad ways that wonder can exist alongside suffering. He ruminates on nuclear war, school shootings, and ecological destruction, alongside his own experiences with mental health, aging, and loss.


Shortlisted, Poetry Award, Saskatchewan Book Award, 2023
Shortlisted, City of Regina Book Award, 2023

“Urgently associative and uncommonly empathetic, . . . a compelling collection from one of Canada’s most original thinkers.” —Jim Johnstone, author of Infinity Network

“An archaeologist feathering the mind of the forest and forest of the mind, Trussler carefully brushes away surfaces to discover the new." —Miramichi Reader