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Where Once They Stood - Newfoundland's Rocky Road towards Confederation

Where Once They Stood

Newfoundland's Rocky Road towards Confederation

Paperback : 9780889776074, 416 pages, March 2019
Hardcover : 9780889776197, 416 pages, March 2019


Where Once They Stood challenges popular notions that those who voted against Confederation in 1869 and for union in 1948 were uninformed and gullible. Raymond Blake and Melvin Baker demonstrate that voters fully understood the issues at stake in both cases, and women became instrumental in determining the final outcome, voting for Canada in 1948, believing it provided the best opportunities for their children.

"A lively history of Newfoundland politics from the 1860s to the 1940s, with vigorous and persuasive arguments as to why Newfoundlanders were right to reject Confederation in 1869, and right to embrace it in 1949. " —Christopher Moore, author of 1867: How the Fathers Made a Deal 

"Blake and Baker vigorously bring the exciting fight of ideas in Newfoundland to life. We forget how great the stakes were--nothing less than the survival, security, belonging and recognition of a people. Readers will discover how Newfoundlanders debated for four generations whether Canada was a beau risque. " —Patrice Dutil, author of Prime Ministerial Power in Canada



"Blake and Baker make a persuasive case, turn[ing] the conspiracy on its head and demonstrat[ing] how Newfoundlanders knew what they were doing and expressly acted in their own self-interest when they chose Canada. . . . It is hard to imagine any two other authors who would know more about the subject. ” —David MacKenzie, author of Inside the Atlantic Triangle

“A masterful examination of Newfoundland-Canada relations from 1869–1949. ” —Corey Slumkoski, author of Inventing Atlantic Canada: Regionalism and the Maritime Reaction to Newfoundland's Entry into Canadian Confederation