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Settling Saskatchewan

Settling Saskatchewan

Paperback : 9780889772847, 485 pages, November 2013


Who are these trailblazers, these mavericks and innovators?

They are survivors, who are rich in customs and traditions. They are prosperous, and they are diverse--leading the world on many fronts.

Who are these remarkable people?

They are the people of Saskatchewan.

In Settling Saskatchewan, discover the Denesuline, the Cree, and the Metis. Discover the Oklahoma Blacks, the ubiquitous Scots, the people of German origin and Icelandic origin, the Lebanese, the Sudanese, and the Filipinos, among many others.

Expertly identifying and explaining the patterns of immigration and settlement in the province, Alan Anderson explores the many people who now comprise Saskatchewan's cultural mosaic. Combining historical, sociological, and demographic perspectives, Settling Saskatchewan offers a detailed description of ethnic settlement in the Land of Living Skies.