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Otto & Daria - A Wartime Journey Through No Man's Land

Otto & Daria

A Wartime Journey Through No Man's Land

Hardcover : 9780889774438, 282 pages, September 2016

Table of contents

Chapter 1     Frankfurt: The Centre of the World
Chapter 2     St, John Wood
Chapter 3     Westendplatz
Chapter 4     The Playing Fields of Cranbrook
Chapter 5     Shadows of the Past
Chapter 6     1938: The Year I Met Daria
Chapter 7     Daria's First Letters
Chapter 8     Waiting for Monsieur Rappaport
Chapter 9     Fifteen Minutes with the Police
Chapter 10    Anguish in Ascona
Chapter 11    "Peace in Our Time"
Chapter 12    Shattering Glass
Chapter 13    Christmas in Buckinghamshire
Chapter 14    From Frankfurt to Kensington
Chapter 15    Watches and Clocks
Chapter 16    Tea in St. John's Wood
Chapter 17    September 3, 1939
Chapter 18    Refugees in the Blackout
Chapter 19    My Future, If Any
Chapter 20    Tea with the Master
Chapter 21    The End of All My Troubles
Chapter 22    Internment: The English Phase
Chapter 23    Internment: A Camp  with a View
Chapter 24    Internment: A Year in One Spot
Chapter 25    Internment: The Camp Experience
Chapter 26    Daria in No Man's Land
Chapter 27    German Lessons
Chapter 28    A Benevolent Colonel
Chapter 29    The Consequences of Internitis
Chapter 30    A Love Story
Chapter 31    The Summit
Chapter 32    One Toe in Canada
Chapter 33    Marriage: A Transatlantic Fantasy
Chapter 34    The Summer of 1943
Chapter 35    Nine Toes in Canada
Chapter 36    I Have Arrived


A poignant memoir of lives cleaved by war, Otto and Daria is the first-hand account of Eric Koch, a man who once was called Otto. As a Jewish refugee from WWII Germany, Otto first left his country for England, and later arrived in Canada, where he was for a time imprisoned in a camp. The counterpoint to Otto's recollections are the letters from his long-distance love interest, Daria Hambourg, a London girl of bohemian temperament, unusual literary talents and a distinguished, but restrictive, family background. These parallel writings tell the story of two young people caught in the grip of history, and together show what you have to give up in order to move forward.