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Psychedelic Revolutionaries - LSD and the Birth of Hallucinogenic Research

Psychedelic Revolutionaries

LSD and the Birth of Hallucinogenic Research

Paperback : 9780889774209, 384 pages, June 2018


Psychedelic Revolutionaries recounts the history of hallucino­genic-drug research in Saskatchewan, Canada, and the roles played by Humphry Osmond, Abram Hoffer, and Duncan Blewett. They broke new ground in the 1950s and 60s in the use of hallucinogens like mescaline and LSD, the formulation of biochemical hypotheses for schizophrenia, and the development of thera­pies to treat alcoholism--until Timothy Leary hit the scene and undermined everything with his public pronouncements.

Delving into the experiments, the researchers, as well as connections to notables like Aldous Huxley, Linus Pauling, and Alcoholics Anonymous Co-Founder Bill W, Psychedelic Revolutionaries examines popularly held myths surrounding the drugs. It shows how the Saskatchewan research made extensive contributions to this scientific field and led to radical innovations in mental health, many of which have applications and relevance today.  


"Author P. W. Barber chronicles the psychedelic saga like a page-turning thriller while also dropping massive doses of enlightening information. " Merry Jane

"Psychedelic Revolutionaries is a remarkably detailed accounting of a period in Canadian research history long obfuscated by larger cultural forces. " Winnipeg Free Press