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Potash - An Inside Account of Saskatchewan's Pink Gold


An Inside Account of Saskatchewan's Pink Gold

Paperback : 9780889773141, 215 pages, May 2014

Table of contents



Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Beginnings and Development

Chapter 3: Oversupply Crisis and Government Intervention

Chapter 4: The Dynamics of Potash Politics

Chapter 5: New Realities

Chapter 6: Defining Goals and Finding New Directions

Chapter 7: The Potash Reserve Tax

Chapter 8: A Crisis Looms

Chapter 9: The Decision--Public Ownership

Chapter 10: Getting Started

Chapter 11: Saskatchewan's Golden Opportunity

Chapter 12: The Privately Owned Industry, 1989 to Now

Chapter 13: BHP Billiton Blows the Big Buyout

Chapter 14: What Can We Learn?

Appendix A: Potassium

Appendix B: Saskatchewan Potash Mines, 1970

Appendix C: Potash Pro-rationing Regulations

Appendix D: Potash Deposits and Mines in Saskatchewan

Appendix E: Capital Outlay in Saskatchewan Potash Mines Relative to Plant Capacity

Appendix F: Analysis of IMC Data on Potash Reserve Tax

Appendix G: Potash Sales and Royalty/Tax Revenues to the Government of Saskatchewan

Appendix H: Canpotex Limited



About the Author


Did Saskatchewan give away the goose that laid the golden egg?

When it comes to potash, John Burton claims we did. And he asks, where is the money for the natural resource going now?

In Saskatchewan, politics and potash are inextricably intertwined. The province is the world's largest producer of potash and the industry plays a significant role in the provincial economy.

With global markets in upheaval, this book questions the ownership of natural resources and asks if average citizens are receiving a fair share of profits.

An insider who helped nationalize the industry in the 1970s, John Burton expertly integrates behind-the-scenes accounts of the major players, archival material, and interview sources to produce a book that cuts through the bull to add to our understanding of the world's greatest fertilizer.