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Payepot and His People

Payepot and His People

Paperback : 9780889772014, 64 pages, September 2007

Table of contents


Introduction to the 1957 Edition

Introduction to the 2007 Edition

Chapter One: The Story of Payepot

Chapter Two: Payepot Brings Rain in Montana

Chapter Three: The Meaning of the Rain Dance

Chapter Four: Seeing the Unseen




Payepot and His People was first published serially by The Western Producer. In 1957 it was published in book form by the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society.

Abel Watetch was a nephew of Chief Payepot and a veteran of World War I. As noted in the introduction to the 1957 edition, Watetch had earlier set down in "fine, clear handwriting" the previously unwritten history of his people, having "assembled many of the recollections of his kin to 'set the record right'," These writings were the basis of the story told here in Payepot and His People, supplemented by further recollections by Watetch and his friend, Chief Sitting Eagle Changing Position (Harry Ball), documented either on tape or through written correspondence.