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Grateful Prey - Rock Cree Human-Animal Relationships

Table of contents



1. "You Got to Keep it Holy"

2. "There Was Just Animals Before"

3. "Dreaming All the Bottom of the Water"

4. "The Same Respect You Give Yourself"

5. "And Some Guys Dream Bad Things"

6. "They Come to Be Like Human"

7. "Laboring Thus to Destroy Their Friends"

8. "You Got to Eat the Whole Works"

9. "The More They Destroy, the Greater Plenty Will Succeed"

10. "Let the Young Ones Go for Next Year"

11. "No Notion of Frugality"






Grateful Preyuncovers the interaction between magico-religious ideology and hunting strategies among the Asinskawoiniwak, or Rock Cree, of Northern Manitoba. Brightman maintains that subsistence strategies need to be analyzed in terms of the foragers’ own ethnoecological categories and postulates, both sacred and secular, a position which poses a challenge to prevailing ecological and Marxist approaches to foraging societies and strategies. A major contribution to the study of foraging societies.