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Geraldine Moodie - An Inventory

Geraldine Moodie

An Inventory

Paperback : 9780889770997, 123 pages, June 1999


 In preparing this companion volume to In Search of Geraldine Moodie, Donny White has canvassed the collection of Geraldine Moodie's photographs in museums throughout North America and Great Britain. The end result is a meticulous catalogue of the thousands of Moodie photographs still extant.  Geraldine Moodie: An Inventory is the definitive volume on Moodie's work. As such, this publication will be an invaluable research tool for art historians and archivists, as well as students of native culture and the early ranching frontier who are looking for photograpic documentation of the late nineteenth/early twentieth century in western Canada and the eastern Arctic.