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Desk & Exam Copy Request Form

University of Regina Press provides examination copies of titles being considered for course use and desk copies for faculty who have adopted a book for a course. All requests are at the discretion of the press.

To request an exam or desk copy, please submit your request using the form below. There is a limit of three (3) books per professor, per term. If approved, you will be sent a coupon code you can use to redeem your requested print materials. In order to expedite your request and to help us reduce our carbon footprint, please consider requesting a digital copy.

Upon approval of your request, please allow 1–3 business days for a digital exam copy to arrive via email and 7–14 business days for a physical exam copy to arrive, depending on your location. Only digital copies will be provided to instructors outside of Canada.

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  1. I Could Not Speak My Heart

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