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The Way of the Gardener - Lost in the Weeds Along the Camino de Santiago

The Way of the Gardener

Lost in the Weeds Along the Camino de Santiago

Paperback : 9780889778061, 180 pages, March 2021


Reverence takes on a new meaning in this original memoir of an avid gardener walking the Camino de Santiago.

The Camino de Santiago has been a journey for pilgrims for more than 1,000 years, testing—to varying degrees—their spirit, faith, and physical endurance. Lyndon Penner’s attention lies elsewhere. A renowned gardener and lover of literature, he revels in the plants, trees, and flowers that tell the history of the people and ecology of northern Spain.
Brimming with wry observations—of nature, himself, and other pilgrims on the road—The Way of the Gardener reveals the beauty and the darkness of the human condition while underscoring the deeply fascinating nature of nature itself. This textured work makes for perfect armchair—or garden—reading.


"Lyndon’s delight at discovering plants he has long loved in their native habitats rings true. "—Sara Williams, author of Creating the Prairie Xeriscape

"Lyndon Penner is grounded and earthy, and clearly spiritual in the way of one who reveres nature . .. Carrying with him a vast knowledge and pleasure of plants, Penner incisively recounts European species that he sees, smells and sometimes tastes along the way. "—Winnipeg Free Press

“Lyndon is a gifted storyteller, and in this adventure, he masterfully illustrates the history, culture, and geography of the Camino de Santiago through the lens of a sensitive plantsman with a brilliant sense of humour. ” —Egan Davis, Principal Instructor, Horticulture Training Program, Faculty of Science, UBC Botanical Garden

“A refreshing perspective of the Camino that defines Horticultural Tourism by bringing together history, culture, horticulture, and people. ” —Michelle Day, Executive Director, Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden