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First Nations - Race, Class, and Gender Relations

First Nations

Race, Class, and Gender Relations

Paperback : 9780889771444, 311 pages, September 2000

Table of contents



Introduction to the 1993 Edition

Introduction to the 2000 Reprint

References to the 2000 Introduction and Other Suggested Reading (1993 to date)

Chapter 1
Political Economy Versus the Chicago School and Internal Colonialism: Class, "Race," Gender, and Aboriginal Peoples

Chapter 2
The State and the Contradictions of Indian Administration

Chapter 3
Aboriginal Peoples and Economic Relations: Underclass or Class Fractions?

Chapter 4
Social Reproduction and the Welfare State

Chapter 5
Education and Job Training

Chapter 6
Health Status and Health Care

Chapter 7
Law, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System

Chapter 8
Aboriginal Organizations: Struggles Over Citizenship

Chapter 9
Conflict, Competition, and the Contradictions of Economic Development


Copyright Acknowledgments


First published in 1993, First Nations: Race, Class, and Gender Relations remains unique in offering systematically, from a political economy perspective, an analysis that enables us to understand the diverse realities of Aboriginal people within changing Canadian and global contexts. The book provides an extended analysis of how changing social dynamics, organized particularly around race, class, and gender relations, have shaped the life chances and conditions for Aboriginal people within the structure of Canadian society and its major institutional forms. The authors conclude that prospects for First Nations and Aboriginal people remain uncertain insofar as they are grounded in contradictory social, economic, and cultural, and political realities.