Mourning the loss of Joseph Auguste ("Augie") Merasty: 1929-2017 


Joseph Auguste Merasty, courtesy Ronalda Merasty


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Augie Merasty's legacy lives on through his courageous memoir. In March 2017, Saskatchewan schools and libraries read The Education of Augie Merasty as part of the Saskatchewan Library Association's One Book, One Province project. 

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Speaking in Cod Tongues is STILL taking the Canadian media by storm!

Cod Tongues cover

National Post features Dr. Lenore Newman discussing her 5-year journey to discover "Canadian creole" 

EatNorth: Top 11 books celebrating Canada's diverse foods

Vancouver Sun features Speaking with Cod Tongues: A Canadian Culinary Journey and the dazzling lunch led to the formation of Canada.

Check out Lenore Newman's interview: food is one of the main ingredients bringing people together

What is Canadian cuisine? Find out here!

Lenore Newman reflects on Canada's relationship with food.

CBC The Current: Listen to Lenore Newman's interview on her culinary journey, through what she refers to as "Canadian creole.


Congratulations to all of our Sask Book Award winners and nominees! 

Towards a Prairie Atonement, by Trevor Herriot, afterword by Norman Fleury 

Winner of the 2017 City of Regina Book Award and the 2017 Ministry of Parks, Culture, and Sport Publishing Award 

Nominated for the 2017 University of Saskatchewan Non-Fiction Award

Measures of Astonishment, from the League of Canadian Poets

Winner of the 2017 Advancing Education Award for Publishing in Education 

100 Days of Cree, by Neal McLeod, with Arok Wolvengrey

Nominated for the 2017 University of Saskatchewan Non-Fiction Award and the 2017 Advancing Education Award for Publishing in Education 

mâci-nêhiyawêwin / Beginning Cree, by Solomon Ratt, illustrations by Holly Martin

Nominated for the 2017 Advancing Education Award for Publishing in Education 

Inside The Mental, by Kay Parley

Nominated for the 2017 University of Saskatchewan Non-Fiction Award and the 2017 City of Regina Book Award

The Knowledge Seeker, by Blair Stonechild 

Nominated for the 2017 City of Regina Book Award 

Reading from Behind, by Jonathan A. Allan 

Nominated for the 2017 Ministry of Parks, Culture, and Sport Publishing Award

The Long Walk, by Jan Zwicky

Nominated for the 2017 Ministry of Parks, Culture, and Sport Publishing Award

Firewater, by Harold Johnson 

Nominated for the 2017 University of Saskatchewan Non-Fiction Award and the 2017 Ministry of Parks, Culture, and Sport Publishing Award

Holy War, by Mark Cronlund Anderson 

Nominated for the 2017 Jennifer Welsh Scholarly Writing Award


3rd National Bestseller short-listed for Governor General's Literary Award 

Harold Johnson's Firewater: How Alcohol Is Killing My People (and Yours) drags "filthy, stinking subject" of alcohol and its effects on Indigenous communities into the light

Firewater coverGlobal Saskatoon: Harold Johnson talks about how his experience as a Crown Prosecuter lead to him writing Firewater.

Firewater is still on top of the charts, months after being published  check out: BookManager best seller list.

CBC's Next Chapter: Changing narratives around alcohol

CBC's The Current: Indigenous people need to tell their stories of sobriety

National Post: Think piece from columnist Douglas Quan

CBC Books: "How I Wrote It" 

First Nations Drum: A recovering alcoholic offers passionate and thoughtful review

Quill & Quire: Fall Preview 2016

Plus local coverage from the Regina Leader Post, CBC Sask's Morning Edition, MBC Radio, CJME, and John Gormley! 



Children of the Broken Treaty- NEW EDITION coming in August!

Author Charlie Angus travels classrooms to discuss Indigenous equality

Children of the Broken Treaty won the INDIEFAB Bronze Award for Political Science

"Discomfort is the first step to justice, and justice is the first step to recovery and reconciliation." The Battlefords News-Optimist

"The book is a window into the determination of young people for fairness and justice." Citizens for Public Justice.


Poet Jan Zwicky puts pen to paper about her passion for the enviroment in her new book The Long Walk.

Long Walk cover

Zwicky reads fromThe Long Walk. (Clip starts at 28:44)

"She pays tribute to extinct species, whose names are haunting reminders of lost beauty. These are poems of exquisite lyric grace and deep feeling."                      

-Barb Carey, The Toronto Star

CBC Books: "Jan Zwicky on patiently waiting for a signal." 

Dark Mountain: An Interview with Jan Zwicky






Literary Review of Canada names Clearing the Plains one of its Top 25 books of the past 25 years 

CtP cover

"We're not always the good ones." 

The first book we published as the University of Regina Press, Clearing the Plains changed the way Canadians think about themselves--and their history. 

Named a Book of the Year by The Globe and Mail, Quill & Quire, the Writers' Trust, and booksellers across Canada, Clearing the Plains reveals how Sir John A. Macdonald used a policy of starvation against Indigenous people in pursuit of his "National Dream."

Listen to Press Director Bruce Walsh on the influence of this book, which is now the highest selling academic title published in Canada this century. 

But despite its contribution to scholarship, "this is a book that can speak to a broader public than just scholars," as Walsh says. With recent coverage in the New York Times even two years after its publication, we know that this is true. 



Herriot discusses atonement with Norman Fleury on the CBC Next Chapter

"Herriot makes a strong case about a historical injustice – social and ecological – that has carried through to today"                                   Bill Waiser, The Globe and Mail 


The Battleford News-Optimist: Keith Foster review

Trevor Herriot pens Op-Ed on the ethical legacy of Standing Rock in The Globe and Mail













Reading From Behind: A Cultural Analysis of the Anus




On The Frontier : Letters from the Canadian West in the 1880s




Holy War:Cowboys, Indians, and 911s















Open Access Revolution

Free Knowledge cover

University of Regina launches an
Open Textbook Publishing Program to make textbooks free for students. 

Read publisher Bruce Walsh's thoughts about Open Access

Watch this piece from Global News! 

Free Knowledge:  the first Open Access book published by U of R Press.







U of R Press Launches New Logo

It is not every day that Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro congratulate a university on the launch of its university press, but then, it is a rare occasion when a new university press comes into being. Jumping to the head of the class on the good wishes of these literary titans, University of Regina Press officially launched June 1st, 2013 at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Victoria, BC! 

To help define who we are and what we do, we created a logo that was inspired by the Cree language and the Morse code, to both honour our roots and express a desire to communicate universally. Our motto is “For many peoples, a voice” and we try to keep that in mind with everything we do.

Please see the story of our logo here  and we hope you join Ms. Atwood and Ms. Munro in welcoming an exciting new venture to the publishing scene.


The Creative Industries Transition Fund is made possible through funding that was provided to the Saskatchewan Arts Board by the Government of Saskatchewan through the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport.