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Towards a Prairie Atonement

When the government recently tried to abandon its responsibility to protect what little remains of the natural prairie, Trevor Herriot pushed back, only to discover an injustice haunting the lands he ...

The Life Sentences of Rik McWhinney

Through poetry, letters, essays, and interviews, The Life Sentences of Rik McWhinney relates the harrowing experiences of a man who spent nearly thirty-five years in the Canadian prison system.

Rik McWhinney ...

Canon Edward Ahenakew

Dr. Canon Edward Ahenakew (1885–1961) was a Cree Anglican minister, writer, storyteller, and preserver of the Cree language. Born on the Sandy Lake Indian Reserve (now the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation) ...

Metis and the Medicine Line

Metis and the Medicine Line is a sprawling, ambitious look at how national borders and notions of race were created and manipulated to unlock access to indigenous lands. It is also an intimate story ...

Clearing the Plains

Revealing how Canada's first Prime Minister used a policy of starvation against Indigenous people to clear the way for settlement, the multiple award-winning Clearing the Plains sparked widespread debate ...

mâci-nêhiyawêwin / Beginning Cree

By Solomon Ratt
Illustrated by Holly Martin
Category Indigenous Languages

Designed as an introduction for Cree language learners, mâci-nêhiyawêwin / Beginning Cree acts as a self-study aid--a much-needed resource in today's world where most students cannot speak Cree fluently. ...

Bread & Water

Awarded Gold at the 2022 Taste Canada Award.
The lyricism of Bread & Water interweaves culinary insights and literary essays to pose fundamental questions about how we live––and how we feed––the ...

The Life and Times of Augustine Tataneuck

One of the few biographies of an Inuk man from the 19th Century—separated from his family, community, and language—finding his place in history.
Augustine Tataneuck was an Inuk man born near the ...

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Old Keyam and Black Hawk

In a monumental moment in literary history, the Collected Works of Canon Edward Ahenakew (vol. 1) brings together two semi-autobiographical stories, Old Keyam and the never-before-published Black Hawk. ...