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Views from Fort Battleford

The myth of the Mounties as neutral arbiters between Aboriginal peoples and incoming settlers remains a cornerstone of the western Canadian narrative of a peaceful frontier experience that differs dramatically ...

A Book of Ecological Virtues

Edited by Heesoon Bai, David Chang, and Charles Scott

For readers of The Sixth Extinction, a manifesto for meaningfully confronting our role in climate change and committing to sustainable, eco-friendly living during an era irrevocably marked by human activity. ...

After the Holocaust

Bringing together some of the last Holocaust survivor stories in living memory, After the Holocaust shares Jewish scholarship, activism, poetry, and personal narratives which tackle the changing face ...


Burden is a poetry collection that tells the story of a seventeen-year-old British soldier, Private Herbert Burden, who was shot for desertion during World War I. He was one of hundreds so executed. It ...

Cree, Language of the Plains workbook

This workbook has exercises which provide practice with the concepts described in the Cree: Language of the Plains textbook, as well as dialogues about everyday situations which provide practice with ...

Cree, Language of the Plains

Cree, Language of the Plains explores some of the intricate grammatical features of a language spoken by a nation which extends from Quebec to Alberta. Although there are five dialects within these geographic ...

Cree, Language of the Plains CD

 Eleven CDs are included in this CD pack meant to complement the Cree, Language of the Plains textbook.


A fascinating history of the carbon footprint of our concrete world—from ancient Roman architecture to urban cityscapes—and the trouble it spells for sustainability amidst rapid climate change.

Cold Case North

For fans of true crime, an unsolved mystery of missing persons, police conspiracies, and private investigations in an Indigenous community in northern Canada.
Métis leader James Brady was one of ...

Frenemy Nations

In the summer of 1968, Mary Soderstrom and her husband loaded up their VW Beetle and immigrated to Canada from the United States. The contrast between their new home and their old led to a long-running ...