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Cloud Physics Wins Raymond Souster Award!

By Press Staff April 10, 2018 Tags: awards, Oskana

Dawn Paley

Dawn Paley is the author of Drug War Capitalism. She is trained as a journalist and has worked as a freelance reporter for over ten years. She holds a PhD in sociology from the Meritorious Autonomous ...

Mazin Saffou, Editorial Assistant

By Press Staff April 10, 2018

Simon Granovsky-Larsen

Simon Granovsky-Larsen is an assistant professor of politics and international studies at the University of Regina and author of Dealing with Peace: The Guatemalan Campesino Movement and the Post-Conflict ...

Two U of R Press Books Win INDIES!

By Press Staff October 28, 2018 Tags: awards

Foreword Reviews recognizes authors Ayub Nuri and Robert Calder!