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Two U of R Press Titles Advance in Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

By Press Staff December 08, 2017 Tags: awards, At The Press

Arab Cooking in a Prairie Homestead wins Arab Cuisine category (Canada) and Speaking in Cod Tongues wins Culinary Travel category (Canada)!

A Quick Look Back at 2017!

By Press Staff January 02, 2018

Claiming Anishinaabe on APTN

By Press Staff January 03, 2018 Tags: At The Press, video

Introducing Sean Prpick, Trade Editor

By Press Staff February 21, 2018 Tags: team, At The Press

Introducing Sean Prpick, Trade Editor

Wendy Whitebear, Business Manager

By Press Staff February 08, 2018 Tags: team, At The Press

Wendy Whitebear on what brought her to U of R Press! 

Ann Travers

Ann Travers is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University. They are the co-editor of Transgender Athletes in Competitive Sport. 

Paul Hanley

Paul Hanley is a writer with a special interest in the natural environment, agriculture, and the future of civilization. He is the author of ELEVEN and the co-author and editor of The Spirit of Agriculture ...