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U of R Press in the Chronicle Review of Higher Ed

By Press Staff May 29, 2017 Tags: Behind the Scenes

Interview features the press on the international scene

New episode of How Books Happen

By Press Staff November 28, 2017 Tags: Behind the Scenes, At The Press, podcast

On the train to Oxford!

Claiming Anishinaabe is hot off the press!

By Press Staff September 24, 2017

Lynn Gehl challenges readers to embrace Indigenous ways of understanding.


Two U of R Press Titles Advance in Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

By Press Staff December 08, 2017 Tags: awards, At The Press

Arab Cooking in a Prairie Homestead wins Arab Cuisine category (Canada) and Speaking in Cod Tongues wins Culinary Travel category (Canada)!

A Quick Look Back at 2017!

By Press Staff January 02, 2018

Claiming Anishinaabe on APTN

By Press Staff January 03, 2018 Tags: At The Press, video

Introducing Sean Prpick, Trade Editor

By Press Staff February 21, 2018 Tags: team, At The Press

Introducing Sean Prpick, Trade Editor

Wendy Whitebear, Business Manager

By Press Staff February 08, 2018 Tags: team, At The Press

Wendy Whitebear on what brought her to U of R Press!