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Consistency is the most important rule of documentation. The University of Regina Press typically follows the humanities style of documentation according to The Chicago Manual of Style. Please consult ...


Authors are responsible for obtaining all permissions for materials, either textual or visual, that appear in their books. Please consult with your in-house editor if you require guidance in obtaining ...

Speaking in Cod Tongues is STILL taking the Canadian media by storm!

By Press Staff May 28, 2017 Tags: Reviews

The latest media coverage for Speaking in Cod Tongues!

Mudeater profiled in The Globe and Mail!

By Press Staff July 21, 2017 Tags: Mudeater, At The Press, Globe and Mail

Eric Andrew-Gee on the "secret legacy" of the man who caught Louis Riel

Will Aitken

Will Aitken has written three novels – Realia, A Visit Home, Terre Haute – and the non-fiction book Death in Venice: A Queer Film Classic. He lives in Montreal.

Trina Moyles

Trina Moyles is a freelance writer, journalist, photographer, human rights activist, and community organizer. Her works of fiction and poetry have been published in many literary journals, and her journalism ...

K.J. Dakin

As a photojournalist and writer, KJ Dakin aims to complement the power of images with the context of words. Look for her hitchhiking on the asphalt of Eastern Europe, treeplanting across British Columbia's ...

Jesse Rae Archibald-Barber

Jesse Rae Archibald-Barber is an associate professor of Indigenous literatures at the First Nations University of Canada. He lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.