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Stéphane Grenier

Stéphane Grenier is a veteran of the Canadian Military who retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. The recipient of a Meritorious Service Cross by the Governor General, he was recently awarded an honorary Doctor ...

Adam Montgomery

Adam Montgomery, PhD, is an historian of medicine and military history and the author of The Invisible Injured.

Patrick B. Barber

P.W. Barber has a M.A. in History from the University of Regina.  He has spent the better part of a decade researching, pondering, and writing on the history of hallucinogenic science in Saskatchewan, ...

Tim Lilburn

Tim Lilburn was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. He has published ten books of poetry, including To the River (1999), Kill-site (2003), Assiniboia (2012) and The Names (2016). His work has received the Governor ...

John F. Conway

J.F. Conway is a professor of sociology at the University of Regina. Over the years he has published extensively on agrarian populism and the emergence of the CCF in Saskatchewan and the Social Credit ...

Marc Spooner

Marc Spooner is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. He specializes in qualitative and participatory action research at the intersections of theory and action-on-the-ground. ...