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Oskana Poetry and Poetics Editorial Guidelines

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Manuscript Submission

Poetry manuscripts should be submitted in hard copy or as PDF documents. Include a title page with your name and contact information, and a table of contents if appropriate. Also include a brief bio with your publication history. Manuscripts may be single-spaced unless the lines and poems are both very long; in which case, please double-space. Pages should be numbered.

We consider only complete manuscripts; please do not send samples or a portion of a manuscript. We are now reading for the 2021 season and will be responding to submissions in Spring 2020.

Because its publication schedule is limited to two books a year, Oskana accepts simultaneous submissions. A manuscript that is being considered elsewhere may be submitted on the following conditions:

1. That the other press also considers multiple submissions.
2. That the manuscript be accompanied by a letter in which the author undertakes to inform the University of Regina Press immediately should the manuscript be accepted elsewhere and also undertakes immediately to accept an offer of publication from the University of Regina Press, should such an offer be made.

The postal address for hard copy manuscripts is:

Acquisitions (Poetry)
University of Regina Press
3737 Wascana Parkway
Regina, SK, S4S 0A2

The courier address is:

Acquisitions (Poetry)
University of Regina Press
#160 - 2 Research Drive
Regina, SK, S4S 7H9
tel. 306-585-4758

The email address for PDF submissions is (Please write "Oskana poetry submission" in the subject line of your email message.)

If you submit a physical copy of your manuscript and wish to have it returned, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope of suitable size.

We cannot otherwise return manuscripts and will recycle them. If you do not wish your manuscript returned, but wish to be notified of our decision by mail, please include a stamped, self-addressed business envelope. Otherwise, we will reply to the email address included in your contact information.

Review Process

Members of the Advisory Board will determine the selection of manuscripts.

Original poetry manuscripts by authors whose work has appeared in reputable journals are more likely to be accepted than manuscripts by authors without any previous publication experience. Authors who are submitting discussions of poetics need not have published prose previously, but a strong record of publication as a poet is highly recommended. (These observations do not apply to manuscripts that consist of translations from First Nations or other Indigenous North American languages.)

If your manuscript is selected, it will receive full and detailed editorial commentary from a board member. It will be your responsibility to respond thoughtfully to the editor's comments and to make revisions as you see fit.

If a manuscript is accepted only on the condition that certain changes be made, this will be stated explicitly in the letter of acceptance. If you do not wish to make the required changes, you may decline the offer of publication, even if your manuscript is concurrently being read elsewhere. In the absence of an explicit statement that changes are required, any and all revisions are to be made at your own discretion.

Once revisions are complete, you will be required to submit a final version of your manuscript in hard copy and in electronic form. At that time, you will also need to show that you have acquired any necessary permissions for quoted material or for illustrations that appear in the text. Your in-house editor can provide guidance on obtaining such permissions.

We will also ask you to complete and submit our Author/Editor Information Form and our Author Publicity Form. To receive these forms, please contact your editor directly or email


Once the University of Regina Press has agreed to publish your work, it will be assigned a place in Oskana's publication schedule. You will be issued a contract and a deadline for receipt of the final manuscript and any accompanying material.

The University of Regina Press's standard contract details the responsibilities of both the Press and author; for example, it is the reponsibility of the Press to publish the work within a specified time frame, to edit it and market it in accordance with current publishing standards, to bear financial responsibility for publication, and to pay the author, on a regular basis, royalties on sales of the book or subsidiary rights to the book. It is the responsibility of the author, for example, to submit the completed manuscript by the agreed-upon date, to obtain permissions for use of copyrighted material, and to format any illustrations in accordance with Press requirements. Authors are welcome to discuss the specific terms of the contract with the project's consulting editor. However, an author is reponsible for obtaining independent legal advice before signing, if he or she is uncertain about accepting any of the terms of the contract.

Manuscript Checklist

The following checklist will be handy as you prepare your manuscript for submission. 

Text hard copy

  • Print hard copy to reflect the digital file precisely (i.e., make sure it is the same version). The hard copy version will be used to proofread the version prepared by the Press’s designer.

Text digital files

  • Include only the most recent version of each file. Erase outdated or extraneous files.
  • If your text contains unusual non-roman glyphs, provide a complete list separately plus a list of the necessary fonts.

Include all parts of your manuscript. The parts of a complete manuscript are:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • All front matter to be included, such as a dedication or preface
  • All contents (poems, essays, chapters, or illustrations)
  • All back matter to be included, such as acknowledgements or notes
  • Bibliography or reference list for books of poetics (please consult our Documentation Guidelines for additional detail)


  • If your text includes illustrations, please include these in a separate file or files. 
  • Please consult our Artwork Guidelines for additional detail.

Text and image permissions

  • Provide a complete file of permissions correspondence and indicate if any are outstanding. 

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