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Saskatchewan Premiers of the Twentieth Century

Saskatchewan Premiers of the Twentieth Century

Paperback : 9780889771642, 418 pages, May 2004


 From the optimism associated with provincial status in 1905, through the trials of Depression and war, the boom times of the post-war period, and the economic vagaries of the 1980s and 1990s, the twentieth century was a time of growth and hardship, development, challenge and change, for Saskatchewan and its people. And during the century, twelve men, from a variety of political parties and from very different backgrounds, led the government of this province.

The names of some--like T. C. Douglas and Roy Romanow--are still household names, while others--like Charles Dunning and WIlliam Patterson--have been all but forgotten. Yet each in his unique way, for better or for worse, helped to mould and steer the destiny of the province he governed. These are their stories.