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Cry Wolf - Inquest into the True Nature of a Predator

Cry Wolf

Inquest into the True Nature of a Predator

Paperback : 9780889777385, 160 pages, January 2020
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Growing up on a northern trap line, Harold Johnson was taught to keep his distance from wolves. For more than 100 years, one of Canada’s top predators seemed to have absorbed the same lesson about avoiding contact with people, who pose dangers. But this seems to be changing in the twenty-first century. In Cry Wolf, Johnson re-tells the story of a practically unheard of fatal wolf attack.
In 2005, twenty-two-year-old Kenton Carnegie was cornered and killed by a lone wolf near his work camp. Johnson draws on his experience as a Crown prosecutor to forensically deconstruct the official reports of the killing. In his telling, the finger of blame points squarely to the lack of respect given to an animal which, as a result, is becoming more dangerous to humans. Johnson believes millennia of Indigenous teaching could have saved a life and rehabilitated the wolf to its honoured place.
“This book hooked me early. … Riveting, educational, rational. ” —John Lagimodiere, journalist and publisher of Eagle Feather News