Women's History
History of the Prairie West Series Volume 5
ISBN: 978-0-88977-312-7
Series: History of the Prairie West Series 5
Year: 2015
Pages: 500
Binding: Paperback

This fifth volume of the History of the Prairie West Series contains a broad range of articles spanning the1870s to the present and examines the mostly unexplored place of women in the history of Canada’s Prairie Provinces. From “Spinsters Need Not Apply” to “Negotiating Sex: Gender in the Ukrainian Bloc Settlement, “women’s roles in politics, law, agriculture, labour, and journalism are explored to reveal a complex portrait of women struggling to find safety, have careers, raise children, and be themselves in an often harsh environment.

Launched in 2008, the History of the Prairie West Series is comprised of the very best historical articles previously published in the scholarly journal Prairie Forum.


Preface — vii

Acknowledgements — viii


     Wendee Kubik and Gregory P. Marchildon


1. The WCTU on the Prairies, 1886-1930:

    An Alberta-Saskatchewan Comparison

    Nancy M. Sheehan — 11

2. "Class, Gender, and Agrarian Socialism":

    The United Farm Women of Saskatchewan, 1926-1931

    Cheryle Jahn — 31

3. From Crusaders to Missionaries to Wives:

    Alberta Social Credit Women, 1932-1955

    Bob Hesketh — 53

4. Women and the Public Sphere in Saskatchewan, 1905 to 2005

    Cristine de Clercy — 81


5. Spinsters Need Not Apply: Six Single Women Who Attempted to Homestead in Saskatchewan between 1872 and 1914

   Sandra Rollings-Magnusson —113

6. Prairie Women and the Struggle for a Dower Law, 1905-1920

   Margaret E. McCallum — 137

7. "Go Home. Straighten Up. Live Decent Lives":

    Female Vagrancy and Social Respectability in Alberta, 1918-1993

    David Bright — 157

8. Hidden Homesteaders: Women, the State and Patriarchy in the Saskatchewan Wheat Economy, 1870-1930

    Sandra Rollings-Magnusson — 173


9. Necessary for Survival: Women's and Children's Labour on Prairie Homesteads, 1871-1911

    Sandra Rollings-Magnusson — 193

10. The Sheppard Journals: Gender Division of Labour on a Southern Alberta Ranch

     Shirley Musekamp — 217

11. A Female Frontier: Manitoba Farm Women in 1922

     Sara Brooks Sunberg — 245


12. "The Country is a Stern Nurse": Rural Women, Urban Hospitals and the Creation of a Western Canadian Nursing Work Force, 1920-1940

      Kathryn McPherson — 269

13. 25¢ an Hour; 48 Hours a Week; More Toilets; Less Cats: The Labour Struggles of the "Girls" at the A.E. McKenzie Company in Brandon

     Errol Black — 307


14. "Leaving the Hearth Fire Untended": Women and Public Pursuits in the Journalism of Kate Simpson Hayes

      Constance A. Maguire — 343

15. Annie Hollis: Organizing Prairie Women with The Western Producer

     Cathy Holtslander — 381


16. "Our Parents Did Not Raise Us To Be Independent": The Work and Schooling of Young Franco-Albertan Women, 1890-1940

    Frances Swyripa — 391

Index — 447


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 Women's history / edited by Wendee Kubik & Gregory P. Marchildon.
(History of the Prairie West series ; vol. 5)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Issued in print and electronic formats.
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ISBN 978-0-88977-332-5 (pdf)
          1. Women--Prairie Provinces--History.  I. Kubik, Wendee, 1951-, editor  
II. Marchildon, Gregory P., 1956-, editor  III. Series: History of the Prairie 
West series ; v. 5 
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Gregory P. Marchildon

Gregory P. Marchildon currently holds an Ontario Research Chair in Health Policy and System Design with the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. Prior to this, he served as a Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Economic History, and professor in the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Regina.

Wendee Kubik

Wendee Kubik is an Associate Professor in Women's and Gender Studies at Brock University, as well as an adjunct professor in Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Regina.
"The history of women in the Prairies is a story of accomplishment and ongoing struggle - clearly depicted in Women's History."
Keith Foster, SPG
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