Children of The Broken Treaty (New Edition)
Canada's Lost Promise and One Girl's Dream
ISBN: 9780889774971
Year: 2017
Pages: 372
Binding: Paperback

* New Edition / National Bestseller * Quill & Quire Book of the Year * Hill Times Book of the Year * Ontario History and Social Sciences Teacher’s Award * 2015 INDIEFAB Award winner * 2 Saskatchewan Book Awards (2016) * 2016 Ottawa Book Awards Finalist

“Incredibly important ... makes your blood boil.”

                        Christine Smith (MacFarlane),

“The care and professionalism shown by Angus makes this more than just a book with a worthy subject that should be read by as many Canadians as possible ... it’s a legitimate must-read.”

                        Dan Rowe, Quill & Quire

In this new edition of Charlie Angus’s award-winning and bestselling book, he brings us up to date on the unrelenting epidemic of youth suicides in Indigenous communities, the Thunder Bay inquiry into the shocking deaths of young people there, the powerful impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report, and how the Trudeau government’s commitment to Indigenous communities continues to be stymied by decades-old policy roadblocks.

On the heels of Idle No More and the TRC, Angus says that the push for equity in education, health, and infrastructure will continue to be led by a mobilized Indigenous grassroots that cannot be ignored.




Part I: The Shadow of St. Anne’s

            Duncan Campbell Scott Comes to James Bay

            The Mission School

            Three Little Boys

            The Sixties’ Solution

            The Chrétien Letter

            One Little Boy

            The Dark Legacy

            James Bay Education after St. Anne’s

Part II: The Member for Timmins-James Bay, 2004-2006

            James Bay Journey

            The Water Crisis

            Fire and Flood

Part III: Attawapiskat School Campaign, 2007-2009

            The Third Generation

            Students Helping Students

            Containing the Damage

            The Spark

            Shannen Meets Chuck

            The Disappearing School

            The Fight Goes International

            Education is a Human Right

            Grade Nine

            Six Boys, One Girl

            The Year of Emergencies

            The Darkest Part of the Night

            People in Tents

            Labour Joins the Fight

            Attawapiskat Wins

Part IV: Shannen’s Dream, 2010


            If This Had Been a Litter of Puppies

            The Dream is Launched

Part V: Canada’s Katrina Moment, 2011-2012

            The 2011 Housing Crisis

            The Rising of the Trolls

            Christmas in Attawapiskat

            From Hawaii to Idle No More

Part VI: The Future is Now, 2012-2014

            The United Nations

            The Rogue Chiefs

            Shannen’s Team



Charlie Angus

Charlie Angus is a musician, writer, and Member of Parliament for Timmins-James Bay.
"I think the question for non-indigenous people who take the time and emotional effort to read this book is simply this; will knowing this painful history make any difference going forward? Does being confronted by the painful past relationship between settler and First Peoples of Turtle Island enable the necessary changes needed to right the wrongs? Certainly one of the outcomes is never again can we say, “I didn’t know.”
Trininty United Church , Northbay
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